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We’re Office ROI, and we do more with PowerPoint® and Word® than you ever thought possible. We adapt your branded documents, sales collateral, and presentations to work optimally in Word or PowerPoint — tools that power business agility every day.

We’re strategic, so your Office documents work smarter. We’re creative, so your designs work harder. So let us do the heaving lifting in Office while you take the credit and look like the Office hero.

We’re experts in translating your designs from Illustrator®, Quark® or InDesign® into customized Microsoft Office® templates that can include self-service usage cues, workflow refinements, even training tips to help build brand, business and compliance proficiency and efficiency.

For a limited time… We’re offering two free pages of customized templates only to Print and HOW readers.

Okay, just click on “My Free Template!” (above) and provide us your email and we’ll send you the all the details on how we can take your existing design and transform it into a functional Word or PowerPoint template!

Office ROI will never share, rent, or sell your e-mail address or other personal information to any third parties for any purpose. From the people who do Word, you have our word on it.