Word That Works Harder User Group

In addition to helping clients with all things Office, team ROI also helps support an advanced Word user group — Word Document Design Support Group If you have an advance question about document functionality or want to join a peer group of more than 1,000 Word professionals, this is the place for you.

Office for iPad: PowerPoint, Word and Excel Apps now a reality on the iPad

OFFICE FOR IPAD: TOP 5 TIPS 1. Make room & update Apps need 1-2GB+, require iOS 7, and opening large files may require shutting down all other apps 2. Pay to play, yearly Plan on spending $60 to $264 annually 3. Special fonts not supported 4. PowerPoint imbedded videos not supported 5. Excel pivot table functionality […]

Office Fonts of Wisdom

A good way to ensure that your Microsoft Word and PowerPoint designs translate across programs, platforms and systems is to employ universally standard system fonts for live text, while using specialty fonts sparingly, and always as placed art. While there is certainly a place for unique and unusual type — especially in logos, display copy […]

When design workflows don’t mean business (or, “Maybe it’s not the work, it’s the workflow!”)

Ten years ago, designers and creative service providers were the best-kept secret of great sales and marketing communications efforts. With budget, base content and a few weeks time they could weave straw into gold. So much so that businesses large and small moved marketing collateral into Quark and InDesign, raising the bar for how all […]