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Office for iPad: PowerPoint, Word and Excel Apps now a reality on the iPad

OFFICE FOR IPAD: TOP 5 TIPS 1. Make room & update Apps need 1-2GB+, require iOS 7, and opening large files may require shutting down all other apps 2. Pay to play, yearly Plan on spending $60 to $264¬†annually 3. Special fonts not supported 4. PowerPoint imbedded videos not supported 5. Excel pivot table functionality […]

When design workflows don’t mean business (or, “Maybe it’s not the work, it’s the workflow!”)

Ten years ago, designers and creative service providers were the best-kept secret of great sales and marketing communications efforts. With budget, base content and a few weeks time they could weave straw into gold. So much so that businesses large and small moved marketing collateral into Quark and InDesign, raising the bar for how all […]